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Will my asset be safe once I hand it over?

Yes. All assets are stored in highly secure facilities.

What is the loan term?

Between 30 and 180 days with the option of re-pawning.

How quickly and conveniently will I be able to access the funds?

Once all the documentation is in place, the process is very quick and convenient. A loan could take only 20 minutes to process if you are armed with the right documentation.

Can I pawn an asset if I am not the legal owner?

No. You can only pawn assets that you own. Proof of ownership will need to be provided.

Is the original vehicle registration documentation necessary?

Yes. This will show that you are the owner of the vehicle.

What kind of assets can be pawned?

Cars, trucks, motorcycles, quad bikes, boats, jet skis, valuable jewellery, luxury timepieces, precious metals and gem stones, antiques and artwork are all eligible for pawning.

Do you consider only new or luxury vehicles?

No. A vehicle eligible no matter the age, make or model as long as you are the legal owner and have the correct documentation.

What assets are not considered?

Electronic items such as cellular phones, laptops, computers, tablets or televisions are not considered. Furniture is also not considered.

What are the costs involved?

All the costs are stipulated in the loan agreement. This agreement is compliant with regulated industry standard and have no hidden costs or surprises.

Is the process discreet and confidential?

The process is completely discreet. We value the privacy of our clients and therefore, keep all interactions and meetings confidential. We do not do a credit check and your credit record does not come into play as the loan is against an existing asset.

Can an asset be pawned if it has debt against it?

In certain circumstances, yes. Each application is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Will my car be driven?

Only for storage and cleaning purposes.

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