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About Us

Asset Lending offers you discreet,
reliable and expert service.

Asset Lending is a discreet money lending service that offers cash against your assets. The company was founded by highly skilled entrepreneurs whose goal is to deliver efficient, discreet and rapid service to our clients. Each loan is looked at independently and structured around your needs and requirements.

Our Team

Our highly skilled team has over 50 cumulative years of experience in this industry and others such as the finance, vehicle sales and property in Africa, Europe, USA and Australia.

Our Portfolio

Our portfolio in South Africa currently includes car sales, property sales and our pawn service. As a result of this vast array of expertise and experience, we are able to carefully asses and administer the pawning of your assets to guarantee that you extract the maximum value.

Registered Provider

We are an NCR registered credit provider that specialises in pawn broking. We are compliant with the rules and regulations of the NCA and are registered with SAPS and the Second Hand Dealers and Pawn Board.


by Lethabo
Thanks to the Asset Lending team for being so professional in what could have been an embarrassing situation. The service and speed of the entire transaction was excellent and the entire process was discreet.


by Anneke
I am self-employed and my clients’ outstanding invoices often puts unnecessary pressure on my cash-flow. Asset Lending helped me when my bank would not. I am grateful for their open-minded approach to assisting me. My business has re-stabilised, I have my asset back and I will definitely use their service again.


by Gregory
I do not have medical aid and I needed an urgent operation on my neck. My cash flow was tight and the hospital would not admit me without a R55 000 deposit. Asset Lending assisted me with an advance against my Audi and thanks to them, I am now on the road to recovery after my surgery. I am eternally grateful for their assistance.

Pawn broking: a historically secure solution

The practice of pawn broking is one of the oldest cash flow solutions and can be traced back to as far as the 5th century to Buddhist monasteries who first introduced and perfected this way of lending money using portable security.

Through the years, the name for this type of transaction has changed from the Buddhist monastery term changshengu (long-life treasuries) to jifupu (seen in Tang texts), didangku (used in the Song periods), and jiedianku (Yuan period). During the Song Dynasty, Buddhist monasteries would form partnerships with wealthy citizens and go on to open pawnshops. This also exempt these monasteries from certain property taxes.

The 14th and 15th centuries saw the rise of pawn broking among peasants. Wealthy families got involved in this money lending business and even took part themselves. For example, King Edward III famously pawned some of his jewel collection to assist in raising funds for the war against France.The growth of the practice resulted in regulation in 1872 when the English passed the Pawnbrokers Act. This set the guidelines and restrictions for interest rates and prevented brokers from selling stolen items.

These laws are still adhered to today and ensure that our clients get a safe, regulated, discreet and secure lending platform.